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Tell Me About NOVAVAX.

Are The Vaccines Still Free?

We Have Achieved Herd Immunity.  Why Take The Vaccine?

Which Vaccine Is The Best?

I'm Confused By All Of The Conflicting Information About The Vaccine.

If The Vaccines Aren't Working, Why Take One?

With Home Testing, Do We know How Many Have Covid? Why Take The Vaccine?

I'm Young And Can Recover From COVID.  Why Take The Vaccine?

Are The Vaccines Safe For Children And Pregnant Women?

Do The Vaccines Have Any Drug Interaction Effects?

How Many Boosters Will I Need To Take?

I Have A Friend Who Had A Bad Reaction To The Vaccine And I'm Afraid To Take It.

I Have Had COVID And Now Have Natural Immunity - Why Take The Vaccine?

Now That The Vaccine Mandates Have Been Lifted, Why Take The Vaccine?

Were The Vaccines Rushed? Are They Safe?

Full Interview

Important Information About COVID19 Safety
For Galveston and Liberty Counties

As we all do our best to navigate the unprecedented COVID 19 Pandemic, many are understandably concerned about the medical implications of the virus, treatments, and vaccines.  Greater Coastal Community Action Council is here to provide good information from trusted medical sources.  Please bookmark this page and refer back often for the most up-to-date news and information.

Articles, Videos, and Helpful Information:

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Where Can I get the Vaccination in Galveston County?

Visit to get updates on vaccine availability, locations and other information.

Where Can I get the Vaccination in Liberty County?

Visit to get updates on vaccine availability, locations and other information.

COVID19 Informational Videos

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