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Attention GCCAC clients receiving CEAP utility assistance. As of March 31st, GCCAC is unable to pay for approved pledges for utility assistance, however, the pledges we have made on your behalf from April 2021 forward, will still be honored only now being paid by the agency serving your county of residence listed below. The new agency serving your area will require a new application to be filled out by you with their organization. See official communication below.

Joe Compian, Board President

Robert M. Quintero, Executive Director

Telephone: (409) 765-7878

Fax Number (409) 765-9951

4700 Broadway Ste. C109

Galveston, TX 77552

June 9, 2021


This letter is being written to inform you that our agency, GCCAC's state funding source, Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) has reduced GCCAC's CEAP funding by 25%. With the onset of this action, we no longer have the funding to pay personnel to continue making pledges and payments. However, future pledges that were made on client's accounts will be processed by the agencies listed below until a permanent decision has been made to exhaust the remaining funds. As a vendor, you may possibly already have a relationship with the designated agencies that will be working to continue serving the clients for which current and future pledges have been made. Until TDHCA makes a final decision as to how the remaining funds are to be used, GCCAC is in a holding state and cannot process the payments. With this being said, GCCAC will temporarily suspend the processing of any new CEAP Applications as to not make any new pledges.

Needless to say, GCCAC is quite sorry that this action has inconvenienced vendors and clients. Our past relationship has indeed been remarkable as GCCAC has served numerous clients over the years. It is GCCAC's prayer to be able to get back on track handling the needs of Galveston, Brazoria, Fort Bend, and Wharton Counties. Until then, please be assured that payments for pledges made by GCCAC will be addressed as soon as the below agencies are able to handle the transition that is taking place. If you have any questions in reference to pledges that have been made by GCCAC for clients during the months of April, May, or June please feel free to reach out to the named agencies below with any concerns as they will be administering the CEAP pledges and payments until further notice.

Galveston & Brazoria Counties

Baker Ripley

4450 Harrisburg Blvd., Ste 200

Houston, TX 77011

(713) 590-2327

Fort Bend County

Combined Community Action, Inc.

165 W. Austin St.

Giddings, TX 78942

(800) 688-9065

Wharton County

Economic Action Committee of the Gulf Coast

P.O. Box 1685

904 Whitson Street

Bay City, TX 77404

(979) 245-6901


Robert Quintero, Executive Director

(409) 765-7878

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