SNAP Benefit Replacement

SNAP Benefit Replacement

From the office of Texas Health and Human Services,

SNAP Benefit Replacement

SNAP customers can request a benefit replacement for food lost or destroyed due to the winter storm in February 2021 by calling 2-1-1 or sending in Form H1855. You do not need to go to an HHSC local office.

Call 2-1-1, select a language, and then choose Option 2.

To request a benefit replacement using form H1855:

Complete Form H1855, Affidavit for Nonreceipt or Destroyed Food Stamp Benefits and submit it by mail or fax.

English and Spanish Applications

Mail: Texas Health & Human Services Commission, PO Box 149027, Austin, TX 78714-9027

Fax: 1-877-447-2839

Hot Foods

In response to the winter storm, Texans who get SNAP food benefits can buy hot food such as rotisserie chicken and prepared foods from a store’s deli at retailers who accept SNAP.

Wishing everyone health and safety during this time.

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